Thursday, May 31, 2012

We are not the one that got away!

Okay, I think it is time for me to revive this blog.

Hello everyone! Haven’t heard from us for quite some time huh? Firstly, I have to apologise for going missing for almost 1 year (or around 10 months to be more exact). I have been facing people like Oliver Heaviside, Laplace, Raoult, Bragg, Joule, Thompson, Clausius, Helmholtz, Dirac Delta, Henry, Boltzmann, Plank, Kishner, Wolff, Grignard, Williamson, Wittig, Alder, Fourier, Gauss, Euler and etc. almost every day until recently. No! You got it wrong! They are not cover singers but great scientists who have discovered many wonderful laws and theories. They are really great people, but now, I would prefer to face people from other field instead: D

Personally, I feel that the cover singing scene in Singapore has evolved tremendously in these 10 months. When I tried searching “Singapore cover” on YouTube, I get more search results, and among those are some really good quality covers!

To mark the comeback of Singing Windows, I would like to feature this cover done by Clarice Wong. “The one that got away” by Katy Perry! And we are back, and hopefully not getting away again!

According to the video description, this is a collaboration between her and another Singaporean producer named Sky Ong. Although the video garnered 17 dislikes out of 28 votes (at published time), I feel that she has the potential to become a successful cover singer.

There is also another version of this cover, which is also done by Singaporeans. This is another reason why I would like to feature this song in my comeback post!

Strictly speaking, this should not be considered as a cover, but rather a spoofed version of Katy Perry’s song. The song really sounds awful in this version; bad voice with ugly meme picture in the video. However, I still find it interesting as the lyrics of this version accurately depict some of my peers’ life in the last 10 months.

I shall not make this post too long. Too much of it might be bad for digestion, haha! 

p/s we have received some submissions from fellow cover singers! We will try to feature them when they fit the theme of future posts. Meanwhile, keep producing good covers!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How to Organize a YouTube Celebrity Concert

Hey all you music lovers!

There’s going to be a public lecture about Organizing a YouTube Celebrity Concert on

Tuesday, July 26 · 7:00pm - 8:30pm

At SMA CITY Campus.

More details can be found on their facebook page:

The speaker is a very capable young man named Raphael Lim who is currently studying at Murdoch University and is also simultaneously the Director of RGEN Entertainment.

RGEN Entertainment recently organized a live entertainment project and invited world-famous YouTube performers to Perth to entertain about 1,200 of Perth’s netizens.

In this sharing session, Raphael will be touching on interesting issues on how the online presence is so popular that it is now possible to be a celebrity making videos right from your own home!

He will also be covering the steps he took in organizing and hosting the Boombox Tour 2011 in Perth.

The artistes who were involved in the tour include Nigahiga, Kevjumba, Jayesslee, D-Pryde, Maribelle Anes and American Idol finalist Andrew Garcia!

Personally I love watching Nigahiga and Kevjumba on YouTube. Awesomely funny and random people they are. They even collaborated with other YouTube friends to write an original song and made a music video for it. Extremely cool stuff.

Here’s to hoping the YouTube community in Singapore can grow and become equally as awesome too! And then we can hold our own YouTube celebrity concert in Singapore. So get down to SMA CITY campus and go listen to the FREE lecture people! (Only if you really want to of course haha)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Presidential Election in Singapore: The Long Awaited One

We know election fever is over but man was it an electrifying few weeks. Even our local writer Catherine Lim wrote a book on it titled “A Watershed Election.”

A phrase we have heard many times over during the election period but nonetheless a very appropriate way of putting it.

This year’s election has also seen many young youths awakening to politics. Never before have we seen such a huge amount of interests from our youths about the future of Singapore’s government. Never before did we have such young candidates wanting to represent our interests like how Tin Pei Ling and Nicole Seah did.

Even one of our favourite artists Inch Chua wrote a song about it:

It is little wonder why this year’s General election had garnered so much interest not only with our youths, but with every Singaporean living in this country.

And now soon upon us is our Presidential election. Sure it might not have generated as much interests but it is also an important period of time for us Singaporeans. Currently, we see three Tans (Tan Cheng Bock, Tan Kin Lian and Tony Tan) confirming their interest in becoming our next President. All of them definitely have what it takes to serve our country well. Singaporeans this time, are definitely going to have a hard time making decision again.

I remember back in my JC days, my group featured Ong Teng Cheong as the subject of our Project Work. So far he is Singapore’s one and only elected President as the previous two terms had been a walk over. He is also the man who spearheaded the MRT system for Singapore. A train public transport service that has served the country very well over the years despite it being increasing crowded. He was a people’s President and beloved by all.

Quoting myself back in JC, he was truly indeed Singapore’s very own groundbreaker.

And now who knows what will happen in this year’s Presidential election. But we here at Singing Windows would definitely be watching it closely.

Oh and since we were on the topic of trains, has anyone seen this video? It’s a song called Love Your Ride by Dim Sum Dolly.

I’m sure not all of you might like it. But you have to admit it is at the very least…quite amusing to watch. Especially if you’re a Singaporean because then it’ll be easier to get all the jokes. It’s like one of those songs in the Jack Neo’s movies where they mix the dialect to get really hilarious results

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Save Our Earth Through Music!

Iknow it’s a little late.

Okay that is an understatement. We’re very late in covering this event but hey better late then never right?

Eco Music Challenge 2011 is an online song-writing competition organised by the National Environment Agency (NEA) for talented and passionate individuals to express their appreciation and support for our beautiful environment through music!

Link to NEA Eco Music Challenge Website

We here at Singing Windows love our local singer song-writers. So it gives us great joy to see a competition where they can show case their talents and for a good cause to boot!

I’m sure many of us who enjoy music and are learners of it all dream of writing that next hit single that will wow the world and top the music charts. But for all those who have tried we know that it can be a very difficult process and the end result might not even be to our liking. However when you finally do write something that expresses your feelings completely, it can be a very rewarding experience.

Some of us here at Singing Windows know this very well because we too have attempted this daunting task. And we can safely say we really really completely and utterly suck at it. So we’re in no position to really give any advice on song writing but we know someone who can.

Here’s Inch Chua with some tips to song writing:

And if you’re curious about the competition or if you’re looking for some inspiration, we’re going to showcase some of the contestant’s entries!

First we have the lovely couple of Jannassa and Jake and their song Earth Heroes.

We find it to be a very good entry. We liked the singer and the guitarist did a great job. He definitely has some skills. However we find that it might have been better if the singer could have been a tiny bit louder.

Next we have a song by Zu Xian titled Take Action Now.

We liked how catchy the song was and the creative way she sung the chorus. The video was also very well made. Something not everyone can do. She is definitely a contender in this competition.

I kind of like the title of the song "Take Action Now". I can't stress much on the importance of taking action to save our earth now. Allow me to take this opportunity to share with you guys what we can do to play a part in saving gaia. Well, nowadays, you see many recycle bins around. What I usually do is that after finishing my bottle of drinks, I will store it at some corner of my table and once I collected enough, I will throw them all into the recycle bin. This is some small action which I hope all the readers can do together with me :)

Lastly we have a very adorable 6 year old girl to close off our post with her song entry Let’s Be Friends To Earth.

It’s fantastic to see someone so young be so passionate about song writing and saving the earth. We wish her all the best and that may her passion continue even as she grows up.

Oh and if you’re thinking of joining the Eco Challenge we’re sorry to say that the competition is closing tomorrow. Our apologies, but we did tell you we were late didn’t we?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Great Blog by Someone with Similar Passion for Singapore Music

Hey there you Window viewers, how’s it hanging?

Today’s post will be a little different than usual because instead of featuring a singer from the little red dot. We are featuring a fellow comrade in Singapore’s music blog scene.

MusicArtLifeSg is run by AJ Chen, a resourceful and dedicated guy who has been doing this for close to four years now.

He’s very thorough in introducing the many music events going on in Singapore as well as covering genres that most Singaporeans aren’t familiar with.

His wish to connect fellow Singapore musicians together is admirable and similar to ours.

It is not an easy task but he has stuck through it for such a long time now that we here at SINGing Windows would like to salute his efforts and contributions to the music scene in Singapore.

May you continue your hard work as we aspire to run our blog here for as long as you have.

Please do visit his blog to check out the happenings in Singapore’s music industry.

And, the link to his blog?

(As Beyonce once sung)

To the left, to the left. (Left hand side of the page)

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pokemon masters, it’s time to save JAPAN!

As most of you have already seen on the news, Japan is facing dark times ahead. Tsunamis, nuclear fallout…rumors of famous stars dying…

It’s time we remember all the good things that Japan has given us in the past and repay them with a helping hand.

Speaking of which, there’s been tons of great videogames that were produced by them.

Like for example…

POKEMON (Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Fire Red, Leaf Green, Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heart Gold, Soul Silver, Black and White.) !

Yes there have been many different versions of Pokemon released over the years and all of us have played with it in one form or the other.

It’s become such a popular franchise that when you walk down the streets today and ask anyone, “Have you seen a Pikachu before?”

99% of the answers you will get would be an astounding Yes.

And these days you can play Pokemon on almost any platform that is able to play games. Hackers have made it possible to play it on your computers, your laptops, and even your mobile phone!

Back in my JC days, everyone played Tetris or Super Mario on their Graphic Calculators to pass the time during breaks. My friend and I though, we played Pokemon on our phones. I remember constantly pressing 2 and 8 so that my bicycle would go forwards and back to gain enough distance covered to make my Eevee’s happiness level increase till it could evolve into an Espeon.

I would admit now though that it was a complete waste of time, but as a way to release stress, it was as effective as anything else we could do.

Pokemon by itself is not exactly the greatest game ever made, but what makes it special are the fond memories it gives us of our childhood. It reminds us of a more innocent time where we were happy just to catch a simple Pikachu in the forest. Nowadays we want so much more out of live and we have to struggle through it just to achieve our goals.

Even though that may be so, we should at least be grateful for the little things we have right now.

Because the people in Japan are suffering even more right now and they need our help. So I urge you to be generous and go down to your nearest 7-Elven or Cheers to donate some money today.

It is for a good cause.

It is for Pokemon.

Now I leave you with this familiar tune covered by our fellow Pokemon masters.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Be like Taylor Swift! But girls only please!

I’m sure most of you already know about Taylor Swift’s concert in Singapore a couple of days ago at the Indoor Stadium, but did you also know about the “Be Like Taylor Swift” contest that was held before it?

Besides winning a free ticket, it also gave the winners a great opportunity to meet their idol!

So naturally you can already guess that tons of people signed up for it.

317 to be exact, each making a YouTube video paying tribute to Taylor Swift by putting up a performance of some sort with one of her songs.

Seeing as how Valentine’s Day is just around the corner we thought this would also be a great opportunity to feature videos on love songs!

So yes today we’re featuring TAYLOR SWIFT COVERS ABOUT LOVE.

Wait…isn’t all her songs about love anyways?

Talking about Taylor Swift does makes me nostalgic though…I remember the first time I heard one of her songs was about four years ago when I was still in Junior Collage.

The song in particular was ‘Teardrops on my guitar’ and I remember very vividly that I was wishing that she didn’t put a gender on her songs. It makes it hard for guys to like them too since they’re almost always sung in a girl’s perspective. I mean if you didn’t change the lyrics in your head while singing along it makes you sound so unmanly! (For guys only of course)

Anyways enough of on that subject, you people didn’t come here to read about my rants.

Our first video is by Julia Kok. For a long time now we have subscribed to this girl and watched her from a far like a bunch of very keen *coughs*stalkers*coughs* I mean talent spotters.

So it makes us proud to see her make it to the top 15 in the competition and getting a chance to meet her idol. Kudos and Congratulations though you don’t really know of our existence.

Our second video is by a very talented Geraldine Quek. Not only does she sound good, she even made her own Music Video version of ‘You belong with me’ which we thought was really cool and deserves top marks just for the dedication and hard work itself. With the similar sticky notes charm that the original had, it’s truly a very well made MV. However we were definitely disappointed that the ending didn’t have a scene where she reveals how pretty she really is.

Lastly we have a very spunky girl named Elizabeth Teoh who despite not knowing how to play any musical instrument, decided to enter the competition as well. And we’re glad she did because the only instrument she really needs is her wonderful voice. (Not forgetting the toilet because the echo effect was exactly what she needed to make her voice stand out.)

Notice that we didn’t feature any guys that entered this contest? That’s because I personally feel that guys shouldn’t sing Taylor Swift songs…unless your girlfriend requested it…otherwise for some reason singing a Taylor Swift song really makes you sound really unmanly!

(Yes even after changing the lyrics the girly notions are still in motion and I deliberately avoided the word gay.)

Anyways happy Valentine’s Day to all you couples out there and for all those experiencing unrequited love this year, may you sing your troubles away in a bathroom secretly when nobody’s home.

It’ll help vent out some of your frustration. (Trust me, I’ve tried it.)

Be like Taylor Swift: